My Goals:

  • find 7-10 (somewhat) difficult Pinterest projects to analyze
  • have a gallery of pictures that show the projects that have or have not failed
  • be able to revise the instructions of failed projects

How will I measure my progress?

  • At the beginning, I am going to write about my progress but once I start some of the projects, I hope to post pictures and/or videos.


  1. I think that your project idea is very interesting, and I believe many people will benefit from it, because there are so many users of Pinterest who try DIY projects and fail. The design of your blog is easy to look at, and I think once you start posting pictures it will look even better. Your idea is definitely attainable and useful. Good luck!
    -Paige Tornow

  2. I think this is a great idea. You could add some very interesting info-graphics to your Pinterest to give it even more depth. I think making a video would be challenging but ultimately rewarding for this type of activity.

  3. This is a really interesting idea! For projects that fail, you could try and find a solution and blog about it. Your blog is well organized and easy to look through and will look even better with pictures of your projects. Have fun!

  4. This project seems like such a good idea, I’m so excited for you! I’ve always wanted to do something like this and you are taking charge and doing it on your own. Editing projects on pinterest is a great idea because many have no description or very little descriptions at all. I think you should choose either one direction (whether it be beauty, style, crafts, food, etc.) and just go from there and focus on that one category. Not only will this be easier to pick out which ones to do, after doing a couple they will ultimately make you stronger for the next project with the new techniques that you find.

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