Getting Started

I refocused my Pinterest Project to just try five mini projects. I finalized the list of DIY projects with the help of Paige Tornow. I chose projects that would have the possibility of failure so I could alternate the step-by-step directions. This weekend I am going to buy the necessary materials from the craft store and begin doing one or two projects.

The Finalized List of Projects:

  1. Easter Eggs w/ Balloon and Twine:

  2. Chocolate Cups:

  3. Transferring Photos to a Tile:

  4. DIY Sand Bowls:

  5. Spice Bottles from Starbucks Drinks:




  1. I really like your idea that you chose for this project. I enjoy DIYs and I agree that sometimes they don’t work. It would be beneficial to many people, especially crafty people. I am interested to see how you present each of these projects as you try them. Are you going to create new tutorials on pinterest for these projects as you complete them? I am excited to see your progress as you continue this project.

  2. I think that your project not only is fun but could be beneficial to others as well. I know how frustrated I get when something doesn’t go according to plan, so I think that by you taking more difficult projects and revising them so they actually work it will help eliminate some of the stress. I think it would be really cool if you attached pictures of your projects on this site. Good Luck

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