So far the project has been going well. I had to change some of the individual projects because the links were spammed/bad. I went to the store last week and I got the necessary supplies. I have a whole bunch of mason jars that I am going to engrave. I started the spice jars from recycled Starbuck’s frappuccino drinks. I also decided that I was going to use jam jars as well because they are wide enough to scoop flour and sugar. I hope that once I finish with the spice jars I will be better familiar with working with mason jars and the other projects that need glass jars will be improved.



  1. Your project sounds very cool and interesting and it seems like you have it all planned out very well. I have never used Pinterest, so this post was especially interesting for me. It seems like you’ve made good progress so far and I’m excited to read about what you do next.

  2. I’m such a dork when it comes to arts & crafts, but I can never get them looking as good as they seem to online! I’m especially excited to see how the engraved mason jars turn out. Maybe you could turn this into a hobby or even a business? Food for thought.

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