Chocolate Cups

I have seen this pin multiple times on my feed and on the Popular page. It looks fun and easy because it involves balloons. You just blow up some balloons, dip it into chocolate, let it cool, and wha-lah, chocolate cups for your ice cream. However, it was not that easy. I did come across some problems along the way.

I would have to say that doing the prep work– like blowing the balloons up, melting the chocolate, and then dipping the balloons in the chocolate– was difficult. I originally was going to make six chocolate cups but then two balloons popped in my face as I was filling them with air and one balloon popped in the melted chocolate (as seen below). Although my pictures show three, I made a fourth because I had chocolate left over and I can’t let that go to waste!



tip: make sure the melted chocolate is completely cooled because I tried dipping the balloon and it popped


The reason why I had to put a dollop of chocolate on the wax paper before placing the balloon is because you want to make a base for the cup as seen here:


The Pinterest instructions said to use water balloons instead of the regular ones, which I agree with, and that blowing them up was “just hard.” Well that was an understatement because I basically turned purple trying to blow them up. I even had  my family try it. Then my mom went downstairs and fetched a handheld bicycle pump. At first I thought she was being crazy but then it actually worked. So if you struggled like I did inflating the balloons, use a handheld bicycle pump! If you don’t have one, I guess you can try using a full sized pump, but I wouldn’t suggest it. If you fill the balloons with water, they will be too heavy and they might pop with the pressure of dipping and you wouldn’t want the water to get into the chocolate.


Another flaw I saw in the Pinterest instructions was that you simply “dip” the balloon in chocolate and you’re supposed to get this perfect bowl shape on the surface on the balloon. Well, I had to twist my balloons in the bowl of chocolate because it was difficult to get the chocolate to swirl on the mid section of each balloon. So bottom line, it was not that easy to dip that balloons. Therefore, I would make changes to that part of the instructions:

“Then take one of your prepared balloons and dip it in the chocolate.” Instead of “dip,” I would say “viciously swirl.”

Now for the fun part 🙂

This was scary for me because I jump at sudden movements (like when toast pops out of the toaster, I jump every time).

ImageImage I freaked out at first because I thought I didn’t put enough oil on the base of the balloons but then I pulled at it (as seen in the second picture above) and it pops right off.

Although my chocolate cups do not look exactly like the ones on Pinterest, they came pretty close.

Pinterest versus Me



courtesy of Bakerella



courtesy of Bakerella



Other tips:

  • the chocolate melts very quickly over the stove top so I suggest preparing the balloons before melting the chocolate
  • WARNING: once the cups are done, they gradually melt in your hands
  • to make the chocolate balloons harden faster, put them in the refrigerator





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