Mason Jar To-Go Cup

I would have to say that this mini project was the easiest. It only took three steps to make. However, the only difficult step was fixating the rubber grommet and the straw through the drilled hole. I highly recommend using a 3/8″ drill bit like the instructions says but the largest I had at home was a 1/4″. My dad tried widening it after the first time drilling it by going through the hole again in mid air but he said that it was dangerous and he would not suggest it. Therefore, make sure you use a 3/8″ drill bit or else the straw and the grommet will not fit. The straw I used in the pint size is a regular Starbucks straw. It fits perfectly through the grommet. The red and white striped straw I found in my house; I’m not quite sure where I bought it.

The finished products!


Another thing that I noticed was that the straw kind of suctions to your mouth/upper lip when you drink and then makes an unsuction noise when you stop drinking. My brother told me (since he got annoyed by it) that it made that noise because there isn’t another hole on the lid to let air flow. I was surprised that none of the Pinterest instructions told its readers this but I guess that’s why I did this project! So if you’re really bothered by this noise, I suggest you drill a tiny hole on the lid in the corner or just let the noise happen.

The smaller jar containing lemonade is a pint size so it’s equivalent to a 16 oz glass.


The larger jar containing cranberry juice is 24 oz so it’s equivalent to a Contigo water bottle.


Pinterest versus Me

courtesy of Cheryl Spangenberg


Other tips

  • if you want a “sippy cup” that can be carried around easily or sit in the cup holder of your car, I would use the pint size
  • use a 3/8″ drill bit to make the hole
  • use rubber grommets, not washers
  • don’t use paper straws because the paper starts to fall off if it sits in liquid

Benefits of using a mason jar:

  • avoid the risk of BPA that you would see with plastic bottles
  • reusable
  • looks classy, chic




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