I gave an update on the aftermath of doing the jars and went briefly into how Pinterest influenced me. Sorry for the poor quality of the video!

Clarification: I did not use the spices to help etch the glass. What I meant is that the actual bottle will contain the spices.


5/9/14 Progress

The project is coming along really well. So far the etching cream is going nicely on the glass mason jars. At first I thought I would have a difficult time but after watching a couple of tutorial videos in YouTube, it wasn’t that hard. I’m taking extra time on the jars because I want then to turn out nicely in case I want to give them as gifts to family. I also found a variety of jars that were lying around my house so I should be able to expand beyond the instructions Pinterest gave me. Overall no problems (so far) with the etching of the glass jars.

So far the project has been going well. I had to change some of the individual projects because the links were spammed/bad. I went to the store last week and I got the necessary supplies. I have a whole bunch of mason jars that I am going to engrave. I started the spice jars from recycled Starbuck’s frappuccino drinks. I also decided that I was going to use jam jars as well because they are wide enough to scoop flour and sugar. I hope that once I finish with the spice jars I will be better familiar with working with mason jars and the other projects that need glass jars will be improved.

Getting Started

I refocused my Pinterest Project to just try five mini projects. I finalized the list of DIY projects with the help of Paige Tornow. I chose projects that would have the possibility of failure so I could alternate the step-by-step directions. This weekend I am going to buy the necessary materials from the craft store and begin doing one or two projects.

The Finalized List of Projects:

  1. Easter Eggs w/ Balloon and Twine: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/258675572318841640/

  2. Chocolate Cups: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/258675572317905489/

  3. Transferring Photos to a Tile: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/258675572317734511/

  4. DIY Sand Bowls: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/258675572317879326/

  5. Spice Bottles from Starbucks Drinks: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/263460646921303461/


What’s Next?

I began looking at my Pinterest boards for possible projects that I could try. I chose projects that were harder and had a possibility of not working. For example, I chose a DIY that outlined how you could add glitter to a candle using double-sided tape. I thought that double-sided tape could only hold paper together and not other textures; so I will see if the glitter actually sticks to a candle. So I chose other projects that are similar to this one.