What’s Next?

I began looking at my Pinterest boards for possible projects that I could try. I chose projects that were harder and had a possibility of not working. For example, I chose a DIY that outlined how you could add glitter to a candle using double-sided tape. I thought that double-sided tape could only hold paper together and not other textures; so I will see if the glitter actually sticks to a candle. So I chose other projects that are similar to this one.



My Goals:

  • find 7-10 (somewhat) difficult Pinterest projects to analyze
  • have a gallery of pictures that show the projects that have or have not failed
  • be able to revise the instructions of failed projects

How will I measure my progress?

  • At the beginning, I am going to write about my progress but once I start some of the projects, I hope to post pictures and/or videos.